I’ll Look Into It w/ Tony Yang


I’ll Look Into It w/ Tony Yang is a joint production with KCUR 88.3 and broadcast out of UC Riverside. The show features Dr. Tony K. Yang, an American Economic Historian, interviewing various guests on a variety of different topics. Started in 2015 I’ll Look Into It, has featured all the standard public affairs topics politics, Supreme Court nominations, but also esoteric topics like fermentation, beer, arts, economics, and Asian American Culture.

It is the premiere public affairs radio show of the Inland Empire, on the second most popular college radio station in the country (sorry we can’t beat SUNY Rochester, they broadcast into NYC). Based at one of the leading research institutions in the country and part of the University of California System, Dr. Yang brings world renowned guests to his show covering various topics. The show is also only possible through some awesome engineers at the KUCR studios and students. 

I’ll Look Into It serves Inland Empire residents and UC Radio Network Listeners who enjoy acoustic cutting edge public affairs programming and featuring guests throughout the UC System. You can listen to the program on 88.3 KUCR, streaming online at Kucr.org, and here on our website. Please enjoy our show and thank you for Listening

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While you’re here also check out the Happy Hour Podcast which features a weekly discussion of the week’s events, and always ends on a happy note. We started the Happy hour as a way to start helping ourselves vent while we shelter in place. We continue to do it weekly to better investigate topics and share our stories. Hopefully we have a good joke or two, but we always love talking politics and with our very own scientist on the show many topics in science and stem.

Listen to the Latest Episode of I’ll Look into it W/Tony Yang

Today we’re examining some of the history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Our guest is Sherry Buchanan. She is a publisher, editor, and author of the new book ON THE HO CHI MINH TRAIL: The Blood Road, The Women Who Defended It, The Legacy. Before she created Asia Ink, she worked for the Wall Street Journal and The International Herald Tribune in Brussels, Paris, London, and Hong Kong. Reviewer Myra McPherson author of the Long Journey, writes that Sherry, “takes us on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in a riveting and as relevant a journey today as it was fifty years ago. She charts new territory — especially in the vivid, often heartbreaking stories of women who fought in the war as teenagers and the forced roles of housewives who stood on rooftops to shoot down US planes that bombed their homes… her vibrant writing and crystal clear interviews with women — their youthful dreams and present-day realities — shine a powerful light on a war and a previously unexplored dimension that should never be forgotten.”